Salt Lake City Guitar Lessons

Mike Paine has been a respected guitar teacher along the Wasatch Front for nearly 20 years.  He is the recipient of several "best of" awards and has helped his students to achieve their guitar goals, by getting accepted to university music programs, launching their own music careers, or just having fun with music.    Mike's schedule is currently very full and there may be a waiting list, but feel free to reach out to him to check his availability and ask any questions you might have.

The Approach

Beginning students will start with the basics.  Learn basic first position guitar chords, easy strumming and fingerstyle songs of their choice or by Mike's recommendation, and begin learning how to read music notation as well as TAB for guitar.

Intermediate Students begin to learn fretboard and music theory, basic bar chords, major and minor and all 5 shapes of the pentatonic scale in all of the keys, how to apply all of these things as well as beginning soloing and improvisation, while continuing to build their song repertoire and advancing their skills in note reading.

Advanced Students continue an in-depth study of music theory and begin learning at least two shapes of the modes of the major scale in all of the keys and how to improvise using them.  An exploration into advanced rhythm studies in complex musical genres such as Jazz, Classical and Funk are presented and played.  

Professional Level Students are introduced to the 7 shapes of all of the modes of the major scale as well as an introduction and exploration into the modes of the harmonic minor, melodic minor, jazz minor and harmonic major scales.  In this stage, we also explore complex harmonies and chord inversions.  

Exceptions to study are always made and custom-tailored to the students' needs.  Mike has extensive experience training professional songwriters and guitarists, helping to prepare them for careers and academic pursuits in music.  Songs to be learned are generally picked by the student, unless Mike deems the song to be too far out of the students' ability.  In such cases, Mike always recommends songs that will help the student reach the skill level at which they will be able to learn the songs and styles of their choice.  Mike has experience in and can teach all styles including Rock, Pop, Country, Metal, Classical and Jazz, as well as other skills such as composing, arranging, songwriting, stage presence, tonescaping, recording and more.    

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